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A lot of new bloggers often get confused about the platform that they should choose for their blog and which features suits them better. So here is a post that will help you in choosing your platform according to your preferences.


1. Blogger is cheaper to start off with as the investment is quite less.

2. You have good CSS and HTML skills and you want to develop your blog with those skills then Blogger is the platform for you.

3. You want to be better in SEO with manual alt tags for images then Blogger is the right choice.

4. You are the only author of the blog and you don't want to add anyone else then Blogger should be your choice.

5. If you don't want any guest authors then blogger is the platform for you.

     Create your blog in Blogger platform by clicking here.


1. You would like to have a professional look for your blog then you should choose WordPress.

2. You want to invest into your blog then WordPress is the platform for you.

3. You would like to have Guest Authors writing for your blog then WordPress is the right choice.

4. You want your SEO to be good with least effort then WordPress is the right platform for you.

5. You want to display your professionalism through your blog then WordPress is the platform for you.

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The dictionary meaning of a Blog is a website that contains a journal or diary on a particular subject. But leave all these dictionary stuff. In the words of a layman, Blog is a digital diary in which you could write whatever you want and whenever you want. The person who blogs is known as a Blogger This is the definition of "What is Blog???"
But why do we need a blog, the answer is very simple, if you want to connect with other internet users through your writing skills then Blog is one of the best ways to do that. As such the investment in starting a blog is zero, the things that you need is Creativity and a unique writing style which attracts readers to your blog.

There are several main points to look into while starting a Blog. To start with here are some of them :

1. Selecting that you would start your blog in Blogger or Wordpress.
2. The topic that you are going to write on in your blog( I suggest that you select the topic you love and start writing about that rather than deciding to write an encyclopedia in your blog).
3. The design and the widgets applied to your blog.
4. The style of writing that you want to follow in your blog.
5. How to promote your blog and get more traffic???
6. How to build your network through your Blog???
7. How to make money from your blog???
8. What is SEO???
9. What is Affiliate Marketing???
10. How can you improve as a Blogger???

You don't need to worry about all these questions because the answers to all these questions will be in my following posts in this blog.
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Blogging is becoming a bigger industry with every day passing by. The community is growing every day with over 10,000 blogs being created every single day. Although many of you would be very interested in blogging and want to create your own blog, but you always have to know what are the frequent mistakes that could cost you a great success in this industry. I here list to you the three worst mistakes that a blogger could make.

1. NEVER think of your blog as a way to make money

This could be a little confusing for you as when you see any blog or search for one you will always consider the money parameter. But the basic reason of blogging should not be just making money. Money could be made from blogging but it takes time. The first thing that you have to concentrate is to produce quality content and love the art of blogging and eventually money will come.

2. NOT thinking about the Viewers

This is a simple mistake but can cost you a lot. Advertisements in blogs is a common aspect , but the over use of advertisements , especially the pop up advertisements irritates the readers and that can cost you the followers and the daily page views, which destructs your popularity. So the advertisements should be placed with subtlety and the focus should be on the topics and content that the viewers demand for. And always reply to the comments given as this is a great way to interact with your viewers.

3. NOT being Original

The blogger is always identified with the unique style of his writing. So a blogger always has to be original and make the posts branded to his/her style of writing. Some of the bloggers tend to write in a monotonous academic tone, this style of writing is not appreciated. The writing should be fun, humorous and fresh so that it attracts more and more viewers. 

So these were the simple yet big mistakes that a blogger can make and thus destruct his career in the blogging industry..
Stick to these principles and also check How to write great blog posts in order to make yourself better at the art of blogging.
Remember , Everything is in you reach as long as you try...

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There are numerous number of blogs available for the viewers to feast upon in the internet, but few of them give you the instructions or the tips of writing a blog post. The post is the heart and soul of a blog and it only draws the viewers time and time again to the blog. So, in order to become a a successful blogger you should be able to write a good blog post. Here are a few tips for you to write a great blog post

1. Your individuality should be displayed in the blog. Write your own personal opinions in the blog. Be       expressive and original in your blog, this will attract the viewers to your blog.

2. Always arrive at the point quickly in your blog. Never try to write long and over descriptive posts. Give the information you want to give in a short and quick way.

3. Write interesting headlines and catchy subheadings, so that the viewer is glued to your blog.

4. Always love what you do. Be very much passionate about writing your blog and fill your blog with interesting and new information.

5. Don't write in paragraphs because your visitor might not have the time or the interest to read paragraphs. Use bulletin points and be specific.

6. Avoid grammatical mistakes and concentrate on punctuation and spellings.

7. Consistency in writing blogs is very important. Write regularly and prompt the viewers to regularly check back the blog.

8. The style of writing should be innovative, funny and humorous, not in an academic way so that the viewers get bored.

By following these steps you could surely write a great blog. But don't forget to keep on improvising in your style of writing. Always strive for improvement. And if you get any help from this post please do send in your comments.

Happy Blogging....